It’s time, I’ll leave Singapore on Monday and will fly back to Berlin. It was not planed this way, but I hurt my foot, and can’t really walk right now. Because my good friend Lie has other things to do, he’ll move to Finland in 2 weeks, I decided to go back Early. The Doctor said I can’t properly walk for at least 3 more weeks, I hope theses weeks go by quickly.


I’m in Singapore now for one Week. It is very much different from New Zealand. A lot more people, very different food, very different prices. But I also like it, although it is sometimes a bit to busy for my New Zealand treated taste. I crashed at a friends place (Lie Luo) which is in Finland now. I arrived here right at the start of the Chines new Year, so the City was basically empty and the whole weekend, was very quiet.

I’m right back from the Abel Tasman National Park. I was 2 nights and 3 days in there. If you come to New Zealand, this Park is worth a walk, it is very easy to explore and incredible beautiful. Tomorrow I will go to Christchurch for a night, and continue to Auckland for a night. After that I will say “See you again New Zealand” and fly to Singapore. Here are some Photos to get a small impression on the National Park.

I’m currently in Nelson, and prepared everything for my trip to the Abel Tasman National Park. I will spend 3 days and 2 nights there hiking and swimming. My trip to Nelson was very exciting. On the Bus to Wellington I met “Royce”, a good friend by now. We figured out we both like music, making music and making photos. So we chatted the whole trip to Wellington and it turns out he is meeting a friend “Moe” in Picton to travel the northern tip of the south island.

I will travel to the south island today, so here is a Timelapse of New Plymouth to enjoy.

Hey, I haven’t written anything for a long time now, which is because I was busy most of my days and in the evening I was to lazy. I’m frequently on the beach for a swim or surfing. But the CBD is also very nice. I’m often there to work in the Library. New Plymouth is a very nice place to be. The buses play music, there are endless beaches, on the horizon you see a vulcano with a little bit of ice on top and it is warm (or course).

I will be one of the first who will enter into 2018, because ‘The Day’ starts a few kilometers away from New Zealand. I did not much the last days, I just created a NixOS package for VCV-Rack and played around with that software a bit. When I published the package upstream, I realized again that NixOS isn’t only a very well designed distro it also has a very nice and helpful community.

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