I haven’t written anything for a long time now, which is because I was busy most of my days and in the evening I was to lazy.

I’m frequently on the beach for a swim or surfing. But the CBD is also very nice. I’m often there to work in the Library.

New Plymouth is a very nice place to be. The buses play music, there are endless beaches, on the horizon you see a vulcano with a little bit of ice on top and it is warm (or course). One of the bus driver plays often Michael Jackson and also starts singing a lot. I prefer to drive with this guy.

Oh, I also had Birthday. I must admit I forgot about it until I saw the greetings on Facebook. Thanks again everybody.

I’ll stay here in New Plymouth till the 3th of February, and I’m not 100% sure what will happen after that. I’m currently planing what I will do the last 2 weeks in New Zealand.