Because I still had problems with my foot, there was not much going on in Valparaiso the last weeks. I stayed in bed, got fever, massaged my foot and watch crap on YouTube. Now my foot is getting a bit better, so I can start my trip to New Zealand in a few hours. I’ll fly around 12 hours, but will arrive 29 hours after lift of! So this year I will not have a 6th of December.

Changing Plans

I originally planned to travel south America a bit longer, but because of time-issues, I will travel 2 month earlier (beginning of December) to New Zealand, so I can be in Singapur at the end of February. The wedding of Basti and Daniela was very nice. After the wedding we (a group of 7 people) went to Pucon for some days. In Pucon my foot starts hurting more and more. I injured it on the bachelor-party.


I’m here in Chile for some weeks now, but I did not had much time to sort pictures. I met up with old friends and prepared for the wedding of Bastian and Daniela.

Arrival in Chile

I arrived yesterday in Chile. The travel was quite exhausting, but finally I made it. For now I hadn’t have the time to make photos of course, so here are some of my last visits 3 years ago. Hope you are all fine, and don’t become to jealous.

I’m at the Airport in Rome and have to wait 8 hours for my next flight, so I decided to create a small gallery of industry buildings near my last workplace in Düsseldorf.

Plans are Changing

As I wrote in my last post, which I forgot to post a month ago, I found a job at that company called digital tomato and rejected the offer from Atlassian. Turns out that I don’t liked it there. I’ll not describe why, because I don’t wanna insult anybody. But I really don’t liked it there after approximately one week. After 3 weeks I decided “lives to short for a job I don’t like.

Found a job

This time not so much pictures, just a bit about the story of finding my job. I am in contact with Atlassian for more than a month now. They finally decided to give me an offer. But of course I did not bet exclusively on one horse. So there came in other offers. THE other offer came from a company called digitaltomato. They offered me the same amount of money and looked very professional.

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