I’m in Singapore now for one Week. It is very much different from New Zealand. A lot more people, very different food, very different prices. But I also like it, although it is sometimes a bit to busy for my New Zealand treated taste. I crashed at a friends place (Lie Luo) which is in Finland now. I arrived here right at the start of the Chines new Year, so the City was basically empty and the whole weekend, was very quiet.

Last Day in Singapore

This is the last time i go to sleep in this city called Singapore. I had some exciting days here. Meet a lot of People and saw different types of Areas. First of all, its way more going on here than in Berlin. I don’t mean the parties, but people a doing way more than back home. Almost everybody is working. People told me in Singapore you work and sleep. They also told me they have a game called “rat race” (if you know what that mean) and children play that in school to be fit for there future.

First Day in Singapore

I just arrived today here in Singapore. And the first thoughts was : “Its really clean”, “It’s not that hot and sweaty as everybody said”, “They are pretty straight”. After a while all theses Thoughts got a bit lost. Because Its not 100% like that. I became incredibly wet while I was waiting in a train station for Lie (the Friend I’m staying in Singapore). The Place I live is not that clean at all.

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