My last Blog post was a month ago. So this time it will be less text and moar pictures.

The time in Thailand was really awesome. The sad thing is, I can’t remember much of it. Ko Samet steals your time and lets you forget about it quit quickly. There where nights. I can’t remember what happened right on the next morning.

Anyway, I met Basti and Kari (good friends of mine) in Saigon. In Saigon we had a lot of fun. And yes we where pretty much every night drunk. Cities do that with us.

From Saigon we moved to Vinh Long. Really awesome area. Everything must be done by boat. It really was a strange experience. One night we saw some very young child which was cutting leafs from the water with a really sharp knife. This child was walking on trees and between bushes like on the street. We started to follow the kid. We barely made 1 meter. This made us slightly Imagen how the last wars here must have been.

From there we moved back to Mui Ne which is a tourist place full of Russians.

And now I’m back in Thailand on my way to Phi Phi, which is the Island where they filmed parts of the very nice Christmas movie “The Beach”.

Have fun and Marry X-Mas.