As I wrote in my last post, which I forgot to post a month ago, I found a job at that company called digital tomato and rejected the offer from Atlassian. Turns out that I don’t liked it there. I’ll not describe why, because I don’t wanna insult anybody. But I really don’t liked it there after approximately one week. After 3 weeks I decided “lives to short for a job I don’t like.” and quit.

Of course Atlassian wasn’t an option anymore. So I started to look for another job. I didn’t really found somebody who would sponsor me (meaning that I can stay here for 4 years). And on the other hand Spring is starting in Germany. So I decided to use the money I’ve earned have a nice rest of my holidays and go back to Europe and find a job there.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very satisfied how everything worked out. I’ve achieved so much on that 6 month trip there is no way to feel like a looser :D. Here are some achievements :

  • quit smoking
  • made my diving license
  • lost 10kg of weight.
  • finished the 0.2 release of my sonos project.
  • found new friends from all around the world.
  • saw stuff my screen would never show me.
  • had really awesome 6 month of summer (or winter).

I’m stoked to come back to Berlin and see that city which I almost start to hate with complete different eyes. See you!