This time not so much pictures, just a bit about the story of finding my job. I am in contact with Atlassian for more than a month now. They finally decided to give me an offer. But of course I did not bet exclusively on one horse. So there came in other offers. THE other offer came from a company called digitaltomato. They offered me the same amount of money and looked very professional.

This resulted in the hassle to decide for one of these companies. Now you would maybe say “What are you thinking go to Atlassian”, but this to closed minded (in my opinion). I thought about that a very long time, and it was very hard, especially because I was never in a situation like this, where the money you get is not a factor at all.

Anyway I can’t work for both, so I decided to drop Atlassian and try digitaltomato.

But don’t get me wrong, a job at Atlassian was/is kind of a dream job. But I think digitaltomato can give me something Atlassian can’t. What that is, I’ll not tell.

Have a nice Weekend.