Hello Everybody,

I’ve bin a while now in Sydney. I arrived at the 21th of January. I had to book a first class flight, other wise I would be in Sydney around 27th or so. I also made some minor mistakes on the work and holiday visa, but everything worked out fine.

On that Evening I searched for some hostel. The Houses and Streets looked really nice, everywhere. But in the hostels, O_O I check 3 hostels the worst one had fungus all over the place. The one I choose was 25$ a night. It smelt like feet and there where just young kids enjoining there puberty.

Luckily I checkout out the internet for a flat already in Thailand. But it was not 100% clear, when I could move in. But on the same evening they gave me a call, I checked out the place and people and moved there the same night (and wasted 25$).

But now I’m living in Sydney, Erskinville. I have a Garden and nice flatmates. I started already to look for a job. And it seems I found my dream job, and they also want me to work there. More about that in my next blog entry, when everything is singed.

Oh yeah. If somebody of you wants to visit me. Just give me a call. There is a lot to do around here. A whole new Continent to explore :D