I’m currently in Nelson, and prepared everything for my trip to the Abel Tasman National Park. I will spend 3 days and 2 nights there hiking and swimming.

My trip to Nelson was very exciting. On the Bus to Wellington I met “Royce”, a good friend by now. We figured out we both like music, making music and making photos. So we chatted the whole trip to Wellington and it turns out he is meeting a friend “Moe” in Picton to travel the northern tip of the south island. They offered me to stay with them for 2 nights.

We drove from Picton to Blenheim and stayed there, next day we drove to Lake Rotoiti and made some photos. The following day the drove me to Nelson, where I am right now.

I had a great time with them, and a lot of nice discussions about a lot of topics (mostly New Zealand and music).

Enjoy the watery photos.