In Bali

I haven’t been writing for quite some time now, which is mostly because the is not much happening right now. I rented a place in Bali for a month to concentrate on myself my computer projects and my music. Which works fine, the only thing troubling me is my back. To reduce the problems I go and get a massage almost every day. I’m soon in Berlin and Essen and I’m happy to see you all again.

It's time

Soooooo, most of you already know that my plans to live an work in New Zealand did not really workout. This makes me a bit sad, but also a bit happy because my holidays are not over yet. I’ll fly to Singapore next week and will stay there for a week, and meet with friends. After that I will stay for a month on Bali where I’ll take it very slow and chill a bit and do not much.

It’s been a while since my last blob post, but this was mainly because there was so much happening. During the Holidays I was watching a lot of 36c3 streams and moved to Wellington on the 2nd. My idea was to be there in time for the arthack, but it does not happen so early after the new year. I thought I might get some responses and interviews because of my job applications, and it would be best to stay in Wellington for be available.

Merry xmas

Merry xmas to all of you. Not much changed on my side, still hanging around in Eltham at my friend Morwenna, writing applications and going swimming. I hope you’ll have some nice holidays and a lot of phun at the 36c3!

In Wellington again

I’ve been living in Elthem, Taranaki for the last weeks at my friends, Morwenna. I drove a bit around there and visited friends and made some photos. I’ve also been a few times on the Beach (yey). I also applied for some jobs in Wellington, and just had an interview here. It is about a music synthesizer made by Nigel Stanford. The Interview was very good, although I think they will not take me because they might have somebody in who is a better fit and does not come with my visa problems.


I’m in Wellington for a week now, and I’ve finished everything I wanted to do here. I’ve also been to a visual art group, which was super fun. I made a bit of music there and some people showed me their VJing tools they’ve programmed. On Saturday I rented a car for 2 month, and left to Taranaki on Sunday to visit friends I met 2 years ago. The next days I’m exploring the area and will go some surfing.

In Wellington

After 2 days of traveling in plains I’m finally in New Zealand. I arrived Saturday and slept went instantly to bed. I more or less slept till Monday, where I explored the city. The city and the nature is very beautiful but it is not summer yet. Very windy but not cold, also raining a lot. This week I will buy a car to explore the rest of this country.

Ingolf Wagner

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