I’ve been living in Elthem, Taranaki for the last weeks at my friends, Morwenna. I drove a bit around there and visited friends and made some photos. I’ve also been a few times on the Beach (yey).

I also applied for some jobs in Wellington, and just had an interview here. It is about a music synthesizer made by Nigel Stanford. The Interview was very good, although I think they will not take me because they might have somebody in who is a better fit and does not come with my visa problems.

Oh and my phone broke down a while ago. I tried to fix it by changing the battery but that did not help. I bought a new one which will arrive on Friday I guess.

Currently I’m living in Wellington at the house of an retired mathematician, and we discuss mathematics every evening, which is very fun.

I will drive to Elthem on Friday again, and stay there for Christmas and most likely for new years as well.

Here is a Kora Remix of me, which I’m listen to a lot lately, maybe you like it too.