It’s been a while since my last blob post, but this was mainly because there was so much happening.

During the Holidays I was watching a lot of 36c3 streams and moved to Wellington on the 2nd. My idea was to be there in time for the arthack, but it does not happen so early after the new year. I thought I might get some responses and interviews because of my job applications, and it would be best to stay in Wellington for be available. But nothing like that happened.

Anyway on the 10th I picked up lassulus in Auckland and we traveled south. Now we are in Wellington and we are waiting for the ferry to Picton.

We’ve been visiting Rutarua, Te Kiri, New Plymouth, Opunaki, Foxton Beach. In a few days we are picking bibor up in Christchurch and will cruse around the south island for a while. Lassulus will get have his drivers license this time, so I can watch a bit the landscape.