I’m in Singapore now for one Week.

It is very much different from New Zealand. A lot more people, very different food, very different prices. But I also like it, although it is sometimes a bit to busy for my New Zealand treated taste.

I crashed at a friends place (Lie Luo) which is in Finland now. I arrived here right at the start of the Chines new Year, so the City was basically empty and the whole weekend, was very quiet.

Before I came to Singapore I had some night of thinking about the Music Project I do with Taktik and Danoise. Back than, motivating my self to do some work for it became harder and harder. This is why I quit the project to enjoy my Holidays more. Luckily they understood, which helped me to feel not too bad about it. I hope they will manage to finish the project soon, to enrich the world for musicians.

After next week I will do some 3 to 5 days trips to Thailand, Bali and Malaysia.

So there will be some awesome photos I guess.