This is the last time i go to sleep in this city called Singapore. I had some exciting days here. Meet a lot of People and saw different types of Areas.

Nice Tower

First of all, its way more going on here than in Berlin. I don’t mean the parties, but people a doing way more than back home. Almost everybody is working. People told me in Singapore you work and sleep. They also told me they have a game called “rat race” (if you know what that mean) and children play that in school to be fit for there future. But they also say Singapore is chilled compared to Hong Kong. I will see it for my self some day, but know I just can talk about Singapore.

I was also in the Hackerspace of Singapore. The people there are really nice. I had time to share some programming ideas and heard other interesting ideas.

The other day I was swimming (thanks to Luo Lie) on top of a building. This seams pretty common here. Or was I just lucky :)? But it was one of the best feelings. Looking down on the street, playing with my new Go Pro Hero3, don’t freeze outside of the water. I can’t wait to swim in the sea.

The nightlife here was also very funny. You have to pay a lot to get drunken. But is was way more annoying to smoke outside. There is no smoking area in no club nor bar I’ve seen, at all. So Singapore is the best place to stop smoking. Anyway one night we where at a place where a lot of people got so drunk they came out of bars and clubs screaming shouting or puking, sometimes 2 of them at once. We watched this scenery for 30 minutes before it became boring, but till than it was fun.

Now I’m sitting here and packing my stuff. Tomorrow is my flight to the Philippines. Lets see whats going on there. I’m a bit scared because of the Stories I heard from people here. But booked is booked.