Last Day in Singapore

This is the last time i go to sleep in this city called Singapore. I had some exciting days here. Meet a lot of People and saw different types of Areas. First of all, its way more going on here than in Berlin. I don’t mean the parties, but people a doing way more than back home. Almost everybody is working. People told me in Singapore you work and sleep. They also told me they have a game called “rat race” (if you know what that mean) and children play that in school to be fit for there future.

First Day in Singapore

I just arrived today here in Singapore. And the first thoughts was : “Its really clean”, “It’s not that hot and sweaty as everybody said”, “They are pretty straight”. After a while all theses Thoughts got a bit lost. Because Its not 100% like that. I became incredibly wet while I was waiting in a train station for Lie (the Friend I’m staying in Singapore). The Place I live is not that clean at all.

Ingolf Wagner

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