Plans are Changing

As I wrote in my last post, which I forgot to post a month ago, I found a job at that company called digital tomato and rejected the offer from Atlassian. Turns out that I don’t liked it there. I’ll not describe why, because I don’t wanna insult anybody. But I really don’t liked it there after approximately one week. After 3 weeks I decided “lives to short for a job I don’t like.

Found a job

This time not so much pictures, just a bit about the story of finding my job. I am in contact with Atlassian for more than a month now. They finally decided to give me an offer. But of course I did not bet exclusively on one horse. So there came in other offers. THE other offer came from a company called digitaltomato. They offered me the same amount of money and looked very professional.

Hello Everybody, I’ve bin a while now in Sydney. I arrived at the 21th of January. I had to book a first class flight, other wise I would be in Sydney around 27th or so. I also made some minor mistakes on the work and holiday visa, but everything worked out fine. On that Evening I searched for some hostel. The Houses and Streets looked really nice, everywhere. But in the hostels, O_O I check 3 hostels the worst one had fungus all over the place.

Birthday and my plans

Hello there, it’s bin a while again. Today is my birthday. So I’ll write some lines and give you some pictures. First things first. Christmas and new years was good. I spend both in Thailand. New years in Bangkok with friends and Christmas with my Mom in Lanta. Right now I’m in Chiang Mai and preparing to go to Australia. I have some interviews soon. So it looks like I will not come back to Germany for a long time.

Ingolf Wagner

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