The next day in Cebu, a guy I found on couchesurfing Alberto let me sleep at his place. He had his own car so i didn’t have to use a taxi. He was incredibly friendly. The next days he drove me around the city, showed me places like museums and stuff, also he did pay for almost everything. I had to beg him to pay the drinks in a bar. At his place was of course also a TV, so i watched TV for some hours.


Its a while since I wrote about Malapascua. A lot of stuff happened. Last week the had the election of the councilor in Malapascua. I think they had this election almost everywhere in the Philippines. In the night of the election I went with some other people to the elementary school where the new councilor gets his crown. Actually I don’t know what they did there, but we found him and danced around him like he’s a footballs star.

Malapascua (Logon)

As I wrote in the last blog entry when I arrived in Cebu I barley sleep. I caught a cap and the drivers was very friendly. But I think I forgot my smart phone in there :(. In the bus to Maya I couldn’t find it, but I had it on the plain. I still try to find out where it is. The bus cost me around 3 EUR. The company is called rough riders, they earn this name.

Ok this was some kind of experience. I arrived in Manila like 9 o’clock in the night, caught a cab, and drove to my hotel (which cost me something about 20 $). My first thoughts in the Taxi where ‘shady’. This place looked very dark and shady. I arrived at the hotel. Entered the Room, and recognized a strange noise almost once a minute. I called the desk and they told me they can’t turn it of, because its for my safety.

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